Lessons in Term 2 are designed to help your child pick up new content and subject-specific skills while reinforcing what’s already been covered in Term 1.

Let us help your child get back into the full swing of things at school — we can provide him or her with the right academic support for effective learning in the term ahead.

Find out what The Learning Lab has planned for your child in each of our programmes.

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Consistent And Effective Preparation For Tests And Exams

Whether it’s for a pop quiz or a major national exam, we equip our students with the content knowledge and answering techniques for exam excellence.

Twice a term, lessons include mock paper practices where students have a chance to practise applying what they have learnt in a formal assessment — without the stress of school exam conditions.

Teachers will review the performance of the mock paper practices with the class to point out common areas of weakness and go through challenging questions.

These practices are usually planned during the 2 weeks before key exam periods — in Term 2, mock papers will be attempted right before the SA1 to give students ample practice before the exams.

Use These 5 Smart Revision Techniques

At The Learning Lab, we believe in empowering your child to be a motivated learner who is self-aware and reflective in his or her learning journey. Our teachers share these useful tips with students to empower them to achieve their best at the exams.


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