Let’s Prepare For The Upcoming Assessments

The best preparation for any quiz, test or review begins with a systematic plan and the right academic support.

Find out how The Learning Lab can prepare your child for the first end-of-term assessments.

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Strengthen Content Knowledge

Our lessons offer students appropriate topic-based notes for Math and Science to ensure that they have a firm grasp of the concepts that will be tested at the end of Term 1.

Additionally, our English and Chinese lessons have component-based workshops that help students identify and analyse question types as well as modular-based exercises to help students build their proficiency in grammar, vocabulary and construction of answers.

Master Key Exam Skills

In the lead up to the end-of-term assessments, there will be lessons dedicated to mock paper practices. This means that students will have a chance to practise applying what they’ve learnt throughout the term in a formal assessment — without the stress of school exam conditions.

Students will be able to apply the knowledge as well as both subject-specific and component-specific skills. Teachers will review the performance of the mock paper practice with the class to point out common areas of weakness and go through challenging questions.

The teachers’ comments and feedback in students’ marked mock papers also help each student to see individual strengths and areas for improvement, right before he or she attempts the end-of-term assessments in school.


Use These 5 Smart Revision Techniques

At The Learning Lab, we believe in empowering your child to be a motivated learner who is self-aware and reflective in his or her learning journey. Our teachers share these useful tips with students to empower them to achieve their best at the exams.

  1. Create a personalised calendar to map out a revision plan.
    2. Organise notes, worksheets and past quizzes by topic for easy access and review.
    3. Remember to review past mistakes and corrections to avoid making the same mistakes.
    4. Set realistic goals for each component or subject and list 3 ways you are working to achieve them.
    5. Practise applying what you’ve revised by testing yourself — try out both old and new questions to ensure you’ve mastered the content and applied the skills well!

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