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This selection round is naturally a more rigorous assessment. Questions tend to be significantly more challenging; similarly, time pressure intensified. Past GEP students have commented that more guidance and well-organized practice questions can help a lot. 

The GEP Selection Exercise programme at The Learning Lab will cover the following:

- Intensive training in the English, Math and General Ability components 
- Identification of common mistakes and review of common conceptual errors
- Specialist guidance on strategies and techniques  

Highlights include:

Comprehension MCQ 
Cloze Passage
General Ability (English) – Students will be exposed to various types of word puzzles: homographs, anagrams, matching word puzzles, word stem puzzles, analogies

Arithmetic: number sense and four operations
Geometry: properties of polygons and angles
Measurement: gaps and intervals, rates, sets

General Ability (Math)
Number Patterns: number sequences, number puzzles
Figure Patterns: rotational/symmetrical/inverted, matrix puzzles
Logic: truth or lie, relationship in pairs
Spatial Sense: solid figures, nets

Schedule - 120 min per session, over three sessions, totaling 6 hours 

Programme Fee
New Students: $369.00*^
Regular TLL Students - 10% discount: $332.10*

*Fees are subject to 7% GST
^New students refer to those not currently enrolled in The Learning Lab's core programmes