Every parent wants to help their child fulfil their greatest potential. At TLL, we pay great attention in ensuring that the learning experience we give to our students helps nurture their love for learning which in turn translates to academic excellence. Nurturing this genuine passion for learning in every child who walks through our classroom doors is what drives us at TLL.

Many parents, like yourself, are curious about The Learning Lab classes and what difference they can expect to see in their child after they’ve attended lessons here.

This June, we will be opening our doors at The Learning Lab Westgate to let your child experience the TLL difference!

Experience the tll difference at other locations

What You And Your Child Can Look Forward To

From actual worksheets and notes to classroom activities and settings, your child will get a taste of how lessons are taught in TLL. All while making new friends and interacting with his or her teacher for the day!

You may also speak with our Centre Director and teachers who will be able to share more about our English, Math and Science curriculum.

Lesson Experience Details*

Levels: K1 to P5 - 2017

Subjects: English / Math / Science (for P3 and P4 levels only)

Lesson Duration: 1 hr 45 min


Registration Fee: K1 to K2 - $90 (excl. GST), P1 to P5 - $95 (excl. GST)

Enrolment Incentives^

For every enrolment in a new core programme, you will receive:

*Incentive period ended on 19th July 2017

1. Rebate of experience lesson registration fee into Term 4 - 2017 fees