Learning should not stop when the school bell rings and your child finishes lessons for the day. Parents play a crucial role in coaching their children at home and paving the way to academic excellence and beyond.

As a parent, it may be difficult for you to determine where your child stands in the runway to SA1 if he or she did not have any tests or topical reviews at the end of Term 1 this year. It will also be difficult to help your child effectively if you are unable to understand your son’s approach to problem-solving in Math or your daughter’s interpretation of questions in her English compositions.

That’s why we would like to take the first step with you in understanding your child’s academic standing and learning needs today.

A Review of your child's academic Progress This year

Our curriculum specialists have designed a series of quizzes to give you a gauge of your child’s strengths and weaknesses in the subject of your choice*.

Download links to these quizzes will be sent to you in an email once you have registered yourself for the consultation session.

Let your child complete the quiz on his or her own within the recommended duration. Bring the completed quiz along to receive an analysis of your child’s performance during a 1-on-1 consultation*. It is important that you do not assist your child during the quiz for an accurate analysis of his or her answers.

*It is not necessary for students to attempt quizzes for subjects they are already enrolled in at The Learning Lab. If you would like to further discuss your child's progress in an existing subject, please speak with your child's regular teacher.

Who Should Attend?

The sessions are open to all parents with children in Kindergarten 1 to Primary 6.
Quizzes are available in the following subjects: English, Math and Science (Primary 3 to 6 only).