Congratulations to all our 2016 Primary 6 students for achieving outstanding results in the PSLE! 

This year, more than 50% of our students attained a T-score of 250 and above. 9 out of every 10 of our students scored an A or A* in their English, Chinese, Math and Science examinations.

10 out of 10 of them fell in love with learning

Even as we celebrate these academic achievements, we take greater pride in nurturing the love of learning in all our students. What we are most proud of this year is that 10 out of 10 of our students graduated from their Primary education with a love for learning.

We know that many of our students go on to achieve much more during their secondary and tertiary education, and continue on to reach greater heights after they've finished schooling. The innate thirst for knowledge, the capability to problem solve, the ability to communicate effectively - these traits were inculcated in our students during their academic journey in TLL. These are the softer skills that have helped our students achieve their A/A* in the PSLE, and will set them apart from their peers in the years to come.

" Throughout my academic years, I attended numerous classes taught by various teachers. These teachers have something in common - the passion to teach and the ability to inspire. If I had to compare between TLL teachers and the ones in school, the main difference would be that the latter teach while the former motivate while doing so. TLL teachers bring out the spark in every single student. They are not just teachers, they were our mentors. If anybody wants a place to develop that hunger for knowledge, TLL is the place to be. "

- Dickson Lim, Hwa Chong Institution, Student of The Learning Lab (TLL) for 8 years, since 2008.

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Our consistent and unrivalled PSLE Track record

Between 2010 and 2015, 1805 of our students attained top scores in the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). And these results keep getting better. Last year, 94% of our students attained an A or A* for English and Chinese, and 91% of our students attained an A or A* for Maths and Science. Again in 2016, 9 out of every 10 of our students scored an A or A* in their English, Chinese, Math and Science examinations.

The success storycontinues beyond school academics for our students. From achieving success as a corporate professional to giving back to society as a volunteer in a non-profit organization, our students graduate from TLL as confident, world-ready individuals, armed with fundamental life skills and ready to take on any path they eventually choose. We believe that there are no limits to what a child can accomplish, and your child is no exception. 

Hear what Shermaine, our Primary 6 Math student, and her mother, Susan, have to say about The Learning Lab during this short sharing session.


Start early - our Primary 5 & 6 PSLE Tuition programmes

In The Learning Lab, our specialised curriculum teams work on crafting interesting and engaging lesson materials to meet the MOE academic learning outcomes. For more than a decade, each of our four teams – one for every subject that we offer - has been supporting our teachers and students with lesson plans and materials such as revision guides, study notes, examination preparation guides and more. 

At Primary 5 and 6, the PSLE lessons begin to progressively prepare students for the upcoming key examination. In these 2 critical years, our teachers use our structured curriculum to balance the necessary revision and practise required to ace the PSLE. More importantly, our weekly content keeps students engaged and sparks their curiosity to better understand the wider world. Students stay motivated, gain a deeper understanding of the academic concepts, and eventually fulfill their fullest potential at the PSLE. 


Our English Programmes covers vital techniques such as comprehension passage and question analysis, clue sourcing, writing skills, oral practices, grammar and vocabulary exercises, and intensive practices on essential examinable components. Our Primary 6 English Programme is available for both Mainstream and GEP students.


Our curriculum develops advanced skills in students’ writing, speaking, reading and listening, with an introduction to Chinese literature that includes poetry, idioms and proverbs, as well as their origins. Both Higher Chinese and Chinese classes are available in our Primary 6 Chinese Programme.


With a focus on important PSLE topics such as algebra, ratios and percentages, circles, speed and heuristics, lesson materials include common questions that are tested in the PSLE. Teachers also highlight pitfalls students face in the examination and illustrate how students can avoid making these same mistakes. Our Primary 6 Math Programme is available for both Mainstream and GEP students.


Our curriculum covers both Free Response Questions (Section B) and Multiple Choice Questions (Section A). Besides written exercises, experiments are incorporated into the lessons where relevant to help reinforce the understanding of abstract concepts such as Heat and Light. Our Primary 6 Science Programme is available for both Mainstream and GEP students.

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We also offer a broad variety of tuition and enrichment programmes at the preschool, primary, secondary and junior college levels.

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Preparation For The 2017 PSLE

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Back by popular demand, our PSLE EXCELLENCE SEMINAR 2017 will provide you and your child with key tips on how to prepare for this critical year ahead. Our speakers will share valuable insights and give you and your child a better understanding of what to expect for the PSLE.