How did your child fare at the recent mid-year tests or SA1s?

If you feel that your child has faced certain areas of difficulty with the curriculum at his or her new academic level, the June Holidays are the ideal time to work on areas of weakness while reinforcing what was learnt in Semester 1.

Let Us Set Your Child On Track For Semester 2 and Beyond

Give your child more guidance to ensure he or she is on the right track for the rest of the year.

Besides focusing on exams skills, your child can look forward to the fun aspect of learning — lesson materials are made relatable and engaging for students to ensure they have an enjoyable time in class.

Which level is your child in this year?

Primary 1

Primary 2

Primary 3

Primary 4

Primary 5

Enrol Your Child In The Class Of Your Choice – Slots Filling Fast!

For every new core programme your child is enrolled in and starts by Thursday, 15 June 2017, you will receive a welcome pack of classroom essentials that your child can use in his or her lessons*!  

Contact us to find a suitable class for your child.

*Terms and conditions apply

Feel free to bring your child’s test or exam paper along to his or her first class for a consultation with his or her teacher as well!

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