2018 Secondary 1 head start Programme



ensuring a smooth transition to secondary school

Your child definitely deserves some time away from the books, but it’s important for you to keep in mind that the jump
from primary to secondary school can be quite stressful, especially if your child spends the entire holidays away from academic practice.

Our Secondary One Head Start programme introduces your child to the basic concepts and theories taught in Secondary One,
giving him or her the confidence for a strong start in  secondary school.

Choose from three available subjects:

S1 English HeadStart

Personal expository essays, summary writing, unseen poetry and unseen prose – these are just some of the new challenges that your child will face in the secondary English syllabus.

We will cover these, and all the other main secondary English components, in a relaxed postexam environment where students can learn effectively and build a solid foundation.

Besides this early introduction to secondary English exam components, we will also help students to hone important real-world skills through critical thinking components so that they can make meaningful use of this transitional period between primary and secondary school.

Components covered:
• Summary Writing
• Composition Writing - Personal Expository
• Comprehension
• Report Writing
• Introduction to Literature

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S1 Maths HeadStart

The shift from primary to secondary level math is a huge leap. We want to buffer the jump for our students by introducing them to key secondary level mathematical topics and concepts in our programme.

The real number system and the basics of arithmetic are introduced, along with more advanced and challenging mathematical concepts. Examples of topics covered include advanced factors and multiples, integers, rational numbers, percentage, statistics, algebra and equations.

With a strong focus on fundamental techniques, higher-order thinking and mathematical principles, we provide materials that are specially curated to give students a competitive edge when they enter secondary school.

Topics covered:
• Intergers and Rational Numbers
• Fundamental Algebra and Algebraic Equations
• Percentages and Applications of Math in Practical Situations
• Statistics

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S1 Science HeadStart

This programme develops students’ scientific knowledge and understanding, as well as skills, values and attitudes. Students will acquire experimental skills and be introduced to the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.

This programme aims to introduce science as a fun and exciting subject and inspire students to pursue science at a higher level. In class, students will work in their teams to explore how bridges are constructed, and will be exposed to the importance of science in various fields.

Students will also learn about animal nutrition through a frog dissection, employ the best methods of separation techniques given different conditions, and compete to build a ship that can support the most weight as they apply concepts from the topic of mass, weight and density.

Topics covered:
• Incredulous Science - the importance of Science in daily life
• Separation Techniques
• Mass, Weight and Density
• Animal Nutrition
• Experimental Chemistry

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United Square
Rochester Mall
Bukit Batok
Tampines Mall 
2h per session, across 5 weeks
1 Nov to 5 Dec 2017
Standalone Head Start programme $499.00* per subject
For non-existing TLL students who take up Head Start and Term 1- 2018 core programme $449.10* (10% disc)per subject 
+ waiver of registration fee
Term 1-2018 core programme fees
For existing TLL students who take up Head Start and Term 1- 2018 core programme $399.20* (20% disc)per subject
+ Term 1-2018 core programme fees

*All fees subject to 7% GST
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S1 Head Start Programme Booklet

Terms And Conditions 

  • 1. Enrolment in the core programme in Term 1 – 2018 must be for a minimum of one term. No midterm withdrawals are allowed.
  • 2. This enrolment incentive is not valid in conjunction with other promotions, discounts or vouchers.
  • 3. Discount for Head Start and Core Programme is only applicable to fees for Secondary 1 Head Start Programme.
  • 4. Fees for Head Start and Core Programme bundle include fees for Head Start Programme and Fees for Term 1 – 2018.
  • 5. Fees stated for Head Start Programme is per subject.
  • 6. New students refer to students who have not previously enrolled in The Learning Lab’s core programmes, or have withdrawn from The Learning Lab’s core programmes for more than one (1) year.
  • 7. The Learning Lab reserves all rights to make changes to any of their programmes and promotions, and may, at its discretion, amend timings, availability, venues, content and specialist trainers according to programme priorities and client needs.